Friday, May 6, 2011

Family Friendly Parks in Lubbock - Wagner Park

The play area at Wagner Park is padded and safe.  
Wagner Park in Lubbock is one of the more family friendly parks around.  It sits in the Tech Terrace area between 26th and 28th Streets and Elgin and Flint.  Go to Wagner Park just about anytime and you will see families of all kinds and ages enjoying the atmosphere.  There is a little bit of everything to do in the park which you can see in these pictures.

The play area is padded underneath and is safe.  This area is one of the more popular places in the park and it has some benches where parents can sit and watch.

Just to the east of the playground area is a large sandy area with swings, some great rotating chairs, and the always popular climbing rock.  Just be careful on the rock kids.  I would hate to see anyone fall off of it. That is my son up on top of it.
You Gotta Love the Climbing Rock

The party area of Wagner Park
One of the busiest areas in the park is the party area.  You can see the building behind the blow up jumper.  I have seldom been to the park when there is not a party of some sort going on over at the party place. In the summer, there are a few concerts in the park at this area and people bring their lawn chairs to enjoy the great music.

Basketball courts, tennis courts
and so much more.
Finally, there is a huge area of open park that includes a basketball court, tennis courts, covered benches and picnic areas, as well as just a huge expanse of grass.  In the summer, the Tech Terrace Neighborhood Unit puts on movies in the park and it is just so much fun.  Take a blanket, chairs, or whatever you have and enjoy a movie under the stars and it is always free.  I see church groups, soccer groups, groups playing football, and even a medieval group of some sort.  If anyone knows anything about them, let me know as I would love to run a story about them.

If you are looking for a safe park where lots of nice families go, Wagner Park is your choice.  Give it a try if you have not so far.